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At TorqueSafety, our main focus is on fixed gas detection and the systems built around these systems. We are able to assist our clients in the specification of these projects, project rollout and the servicing and maintenance of these systems for years to follow.

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Fixed Gas Detectors

Our fixed gas detectors are in line with all the industry standards as well as local standards. These solutions have a proven track record. There is a host of detection technologies which cover both hard wired detectors as well as wireless technologies. We are able to cater for multiple sensor technologies and are able to connect multiple sensors to one detector.

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Flame Detetor

The detector is designed to detect fires involving flame heat, electromagnetic radiation or corruption in enclosed spaces of various buildings and structures, as well as river and sea vessels and industrial facilities, where they can present explosive mixtures with flammable gases or vapors with air.
Algorithmic technology assists in determining the status of "fire" and filtering of false positives based on three photo receivers IR range of different wavelengths.

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Gas Detection Systems

We are able to scale our customers requirements by integrating their detectors into an existing system or where required, we are able to provide standalone scalable systems where the customer is able to centralize the detection information and integrate this into their current alarming system or provide an alarming system should this be required. We have a host of control systems supplied from our selected OEM's. We are also able to provide tailor made units developed by ourselves.elves.

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Service and Maintenance

The management team at TorqueSafety are passionate about after sales service. We have a team dedicated to looking after our clients once we have completed their installation. This team is responsible for ensuring that the bi-annual calibrations are carried out. They are also responsible for looking after the warranty related issues and ensuring that they support the customer should there be any downtime on our systems.

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