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Services at TorqueSafety

The management team are passionate about after sales service. We have developed a number of industry firsts with respect to after sales service ensuring that we look after our customers long after we provide the units.

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Extended Warranties

Although our products already have one  the longest warranties in the market we have a number of extended options that we can offer to extend the warranties giving our customers the piece of mind that the units are covered for an extended time.

Please highlight this to our sales staff when inquiring about our equipment and let them take you through the cost benefits analysis to see if this would be a viable option for you.

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Service Level Agreements

To ensure that the gas detection installation works optimally we are able to provide a service level agreement for our clients where we will provide a fast turnaround when the repair of our units is required. This is to ensure that we minimize the down time of the installation and minimize the risk.

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Service Contracts

One of the challenges our customers are faced with is ensuring that the gas detection system is calibrated and bump tested at their required intervals. We offer service contracts to our clients where the calibration and bump testing of the units is done in accordance with good practice. In doing this we increase the integrity of the system and ensure that the units are compliant to OEM requirements.

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